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About the Site

The road to the launch of this site has been very long and hard fought. Social media had made the development of this site a priority. What had merely started as an experiment to showcase my work at the academic level in 2004 with a different site, built completely different from what you see before you, has now evolved to utilize my maximized level of web design as much as possible as of recently.

Around 2005, I came up with the web domain while in Chicago. It represents what I had realized that during the rise of the masses of users joining the cause for the web's ability to complicate the interconnectedness even more in order to move forward, they all seemed to be doing it without the least bit of skepticism. So, why?

A lot of users just want to be number 1, most popular, a player or whatever, and I can understand that. What I do not get from a lot of users that have that frame of mind are websites. Sure, social media makes you a star without needing a website, but being users doesn't explicitly delegate a typical user with actual insight on the way the web actually works on a more contemporary level.

Everyone has a fetish, in this analysis, they have a fetish to be first, hence the domain name. So, because of complimentary server space provided by where I studied between 2004-2009 (it came with a generic domain name too), the need to make use of the domain name sat on the shelf, however, I successfully registered it in 2008. It was around this same time, that I installed a copy of Dreamweaver I had sitting around on a new laptop and began to develop the very early stages of this site.

I put the site on a flash drive and stopped working on it due to my ability at the time to not fully master the software at a level that satisfied me, but I still worked on my video blog ( on occasion. I later lost the right to my domain for nonpayment in 2010.

It wasn't until 2013 that I managed to access my website to develop it even more although just mostly graphical content, I at last had a layout I could look at. 2014 was supposed to be the year of greatness, but it, instead, showed me how ugly it could be, very little work, if any, went on with the site from the midpoint of that year. 2015 tried and tried to do the same as 2014, but I pressed on in the midst of so much personal turmoil.

2015 is rather far from 2004, but I got serious with site design agenda around the end of the summer. I bought my registration for my domain name back (yes, it was still available after five long years), followed by actually buying some server space from the same client. My new ultra-fast Surface Pro 3 did the rest for me from there, so there you have it. Not a concise history on the site but indeed a succinct one nonetheless. Thanks for visiting